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You are probably visiting this website because you, a family member, or friend has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy - often called Facial Palsy or Facial Paralysis. The Bell’s Palsy Association - BPA  - is a registered charity and is established to provide help and information to sufferers of this condition. Please browse the site pages or visit our Online Forums for friendly practical advice from past and present sufferers.

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Charles Bell


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Home Page. Support Forums. FAQ. Useful Links. About Us. What Is Bell's Palsy ?. Glenda McKay Famous Sufferers of Bell’s Palsy

Disclaimer : The following list has been provided by visitors, documented in the media or researched in literature and on the internet - we have, or have attempted to, contact the following for confirmation and believe the information provided to us to be genuine

Graeme Garden

Graeme Garden
Writer, Broadcaster
(and a Patron)
Read His Bell’s Palsy Experience Here

Glenda McKay

Read Her Bell’s Palsy Experience Here

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sarah Smart

George Clooney

Ralph Nader
US Presidential Candidate

Gordon Lightfoot

Chris Walker
World Superbike Racer

Jean Chretien
Canadian Prime Minister

Rick Savage
Musician - Def Leppard

Pierce Brosnan

Jim Ross
WWF Commentator

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Registered Charity No. 1094039 Sir Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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