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You are probably visiting this website because you, a family member, or friend has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy - often called Facial Palsy or Facial Paralysis. The Bell’s Palsy Association - BPA  - is a registered charity and is established to provide help and information to sufferers of this condition. Please browse the site pages or visit our Online Forums for friendly practical advice from past and present sufferers.

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Home Page. Support Forums. FAQ. Useful Links. About Us. What Is Bell's Palsy ?.

What is the difference between Bells Palsy and Facial Palsy?

Does age, race or gender make a difference?  

What should I be doing to make my BP heal faster?

I'm afraid to go out, I think people will stare, how do I explain my condition?

Do I need to take any time off work and if so how soon should I go back?

I got Bells Palsy during my last pregnancy, will it happen again?  

Why do some people have left sided BP and others right sided BP?  

Is Bells Palsy hereditary?  

Is Bells Palsy contagious?  

Will I get Bells Palsy again?  

What medication do I need and for how long?  

Do I need to do facial exercises?  

When will I get better?  

What are the symptoms of Bells Palsy?

What causes Bells Palsy?

What is Bells Palsy?  

My child has BP, should he attend school and participate in sports?  

Is Bells Palsy happening to me again?

I have aches and tingles in other parts of my body, is this due to Bells Palsy?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've just been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy you probably have a lot of questions to ask - our FAQ section here may have the answers to some of the most common

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We are a very small charity with  limited funds, relying solely on donations and the help of volunteers to survive


Registered Charity No. 1094039 Sir Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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