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You are probably visiting this website because you, a family member, or friend has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy - often called Facial Palsy or Facial Paralysis. The Bell’s Palsy Association - BPA  - is a registered charity and is established to provide help and information to sufferers of this condition. Please browse the site pages or visit our Online Forums for friendly practical advice from past and present sufferers.

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Home Page. Support Forums. FAQ. Useful Links. About Us. What Is Bell's Palsy ?. Glenda McKay

By Glenda McKay :

I had Bells Palsy when I was in the middle of an 11 year stint at Emmerdale as 'Rachel Hughes', about 12 years ago. It came on one day when I was filming. I was getting made up and talking to the make up artist through a mirror. I noticed that as I was talking one side of my mouth was drooping. I asked the makeup artist if she could see it and she said no.. but then all makeup artists are lovely and never point out your flaws!!

By the end of the shoot things had got a lot worse and I could not apply my lipstick or anything.. it looked like I had had a stroke. I got home and an emergency doctor was called. Having seen me he wasted no time in getting a neurologist round to the house who diagnosed Bells Palsy.

I was written out of the show..as it really was quite severe and because they did not know how long it would last it could not be written in that my character had contracted it! I was very worried that it could be the end of my Emmerdale career, but the steroids I was perscribed seemed to work and within two months I was back filming. I am very lucky that I made such a good recovery, as it could have ruined my career.

I think my palsy is still noticeable on screen.. but then I look for it!! It is definitely noticeable when I am tired or stressed. My eye closes as I speak and my mouth droops slightly.

Actress Glenda McKay suffered Bell's Palsy whilst appearing in Emmerdale as Rachel Hughes. She has written the following article about her experience for our website

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Charles Bell


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